Venturer's Venture - am I missing something?

I have this at 3 - &quotA Dream and a Scheme&quot - and have returned to FL with the requested items; but the Venturer is nowhere to be found. Is this luck-based, or should I be doing something else?[li]

Note: I have sat in the FL dock now 8 times waiting for ‘Something Awaits’ to reset, and re-docked each time - so I think it’s not that. Is there somewhere else I was directed to go and have forgotten, perchance? :)

Hey, are you saying your ‘something awaits’ doesn’t reset? Because I’m having exactly that problem. I don’t know about any venturer problems though.

Nope - ‘Something Awaits’ resets fine. The Venturer is MIA, though, and my hold is full of Scintillack and Romance novels, very irritating…

Can you guys message support? (Re the Venturer)


Any updates on this, perchance? Or am I the only one having the issue? :)

And while I am here and feeling clueless - OK, I have ‘Vital Intelligence’ but cannot find the fabled Voracious Diplomat - might some kind soul direct me? Thanks…

Vital Intelligence is submitted to the Admiral just like normal strategic information. He then redirects you to the Diplomat who appears as a permanent docked storylet in the column with the others.

I don’t know about that I gave the Admiral the Vital Intelligence, spoke to him about the Diplomat and still haven’t seen him. I don’t know if there is an additional requirement to get him to show up.


And I’ve finally met the Diplomat, but he didn’t show up until I refused the last step of the Merchant Venturer. I’m not sure if there is a link or not but it would be very irritating if you can only have one of them at a time.

Hi there,

It may be that you are experiencing an issue we are aware of where you aren’t receiving all your available story options. We’re aware of this issue and it will be addressed in the upcoming patch. Once implemented, you’ll be able to check the story tab of your gazetteer to see all of your storylets (not just the first 8, which appear in the bottom right hand side of the screen).
edited by challis on 11/25/2014

This appears to be the case for me, noted in case others have the same issue. For instance, I have not acquired a tattoo, and that’s occupying one of the slots (there appears to be a consistent priority). Thanks, Liam.
edited by Ewan C. on 11/25/2014

That explains why completing the Merchant Venturer caused the Diplomat to appear … it opened up a space. I suppose if I had got a Tattoo it would have done the same thing :)