Venture with Honey-Sipping Heiress

Good evening, delicious friends!

Apologies in advance if I’m missing something obvious, or if it was clarified elsewhere; I’m quite new here (Yoannete escaped prison a week ago) and I’m just trying to make some sense out of things.

[spoilers ahead]

I have done the venture &quotSeduction: Honey-Sipping Heiress&quot. I’m pretty sure I reached the point of &quotA Fading Allure?&quot. I wanted to continue or become acquintances of sorts, but there was no way to achieve that, so I tried &quotMake yourself undesirable&quot. It worked, but only to lower the venture’s number. I thought, maybe I missed out on some option before, so I raised it again, but the options were the same – hiding, having a serious talk, and making myself undesirable. The game also insisted the &quotaffair has run its course&quot, so it did seem like an end. This time, I think I picked serious talk.

Now, my venture is stuck on level (?) 2. Only available storylet related to the lady is &quotShare another dream&quot.

Is there any way, perhaps not listed on wiki (or that I didn’t find), to successfully finish this venture? Or, if necessary, to abandon it?

(If it could be relevant, I didn’t pick any ambition, didn’t do anything with the other honey-sipping person, and I have 50+8 persuasive.)

None that I know, right now. It seems a bit “unfinished”.

I think you can’t entirely get rid of the venture. But you will run into her in future stories.

Thank you for the reactions! That’s a shame, really. I kind of wish it was because they had more plans for her in future.

Just out of curiosity, I raised it again to 6 (in 3 actions), but &quotlet her down gently&quot also goes back to 2. It seems everything leads there. I’ll probably leave it at 7 and won’t do anything about it, then, just so it feels close to completion.

Yep, it was my choice too. Let’s hope there will be more in the future.