I recently picked the card from the Keen-Eyed Lapidary (after spending all my glim on her. That witch.) that involves turning a tasseled walking stick into something fabulous. I’m one Venom Ruby short. My main attribute is Shadowy, currently at 79 (85 with items equipped.) Persuasive and Dangerous are moderately high, and watchful is moderately low. Where is the easiest place I could obtain one of these glorious gems so I can finally get my payback from the Lapidary? Also, the wiki mentions a place called Empire Adornments where rubies can be found. where is this shop?

need to be PoSI to get to Empire Adornments(Bazaar Sidestreets).

Best method is to be gifted Venom Rubies via a a Gift a Jewels. If you can leave your characters name I or someone else can send some on over.

There’s also a certain dashing smuggler you can become involved with or shroom hopping, I believe.
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Thank you.
I certainly wouldn’t mind someone sharing some, if they happen to have some on hand and are willing to share.

I got my Rubies for that lovely gift shroom hoping, at about the same level as you in shadowy but all my qualities were evenly distributed. If you pay the 3 fate or something to race, you can race as many times as you want before your leave, since you have to have a significant lead to win the venom ruby.

Where to get Venom Rubies has been answered:




And here:

And here:

Can we please make this a sticky or something as this is the sixth topic about where to find venom rubies on the board?

sent some on over :)

…and yes, it does seem like this question comes up regularly.

I’d really like to see a community links section. I understand the spoiler concern, but rather suspect the wikis and PM’s here has led to more purchases than not.

Thank you kindly all. Someone gifted me something equisite shortly after this post, so my needs are filled. I’ll be certain to pay it forward. If any of you ever need a favor (a nemesis to disappear, a toilet to be unclogged) I’ll certainly be glad to help.