Venderbight (spoiilers)

Since I can get 1x “secluded address” from the “Interpret for Carrywell” option, should I milk the hell out of it before moving on with the storyline? Are they hard to come by?

I’m guessing that the opportunity cards at this point (theres only one) aren’t really worth it.

edit Oh, its actually called
Ambition: Nemesis - exploring the Grand Sanatorium
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Secluded Addresses are not an item you can craft from lower tier items, and I know of no other places you can repeatably grind them, so I would (and did) actually farm some Secluded Addresses. Hmm, what are they used for, come to think of it? Realistically, how many am I gonna need?

I have no idea. There’s very little use for them at the moment. That’s not to say that there won’t be a significant use someday, but I doubt that I’ve thus far had need for more than a couple ever, if that.

I’m afraid travellersside is correct. My acquiring of several Secluded Addresses was strictly for ‘just in case’.

I presume that the development team would add more reliable sources if these actually had a use at some point.

This is a most excellent method of acquiring resources for many Favours in High Places, the uses of which are of course endless!