Vastly increased loading times with the new design

With the new website design on the 5th of june (which looks amazing) I have noticed on my end that loading times on every action have increased considerably. It takes almost 30 seconds between every action before the website registers or, in the case of opportunity cards, just puts me back at the main screen without having used a card.

Since its not exactly a bug I was wondering if other people are experiencing a very slow website as of the release. Because if not it’d be solely on my end.

N.B. My pc is not a potatoe, or a mushroom or a talking hat. :)

Same here. Same symptoms. Currently still using the old site as the new one is borderline non-functional for me.

(In addition, it does not look amazing, but that is a feature rather than a bug, apparently. )

I’m definitely seeing the same slowness. During the beta it felt a bit slower than the old site; now it feels several times slower. My Internet connection is generally speedy and reliable.

I’m curious if geographical location might affect it? I’m located on the west coast of America, I wonder if Europeans are having better luck with their connections.

Doesn’t seem to be a factor. I’m in the UK myself and am getting the same thing.

I am Dutch so unfortunately we Europeans, or at least me, are affected just the same. I’ve switched back to the older version as of now. I do hope they continue to keep it an option.

For balance (although the slowness is surely a problem that I hope is fixed soon) I’ve experienced much better responsiveness and faster load times since the switchover. Whatever’s happening isn’t universal.

Slow for me, too.

Much slower for me as well. When grinding echoes on the old site I could run though all 10 cards and 40 actions in less than 10 minutes. This morning at the 10 minute mark I still had 22 actions left! As mentioned above the new site is almost unusable for me at this point.

I love the new aesthetics but the lag is just horrible and I don’t know how many times trying to do a card or storylet has just kicked me back to the main page without actually doing the action. I’m assuming it is all probably related to some kind of timing issue that is getting confused.

In the time I briefly used the new site, I also noticed a peculiar bug where, without any input from me, the game would constantly re-load the story page, with the spinning hat animation, every couple of seconds. (I was at Bullbone Island at the time, so just one storylet and no cards visible.) Anyone else experienced this?

I’ve noticed a slight increase in loading times in general, but so far, not as crippling as others here have described. But I’ve definitely seen the &quotclick action, load back to story page without actually completing action&quot bug that pfenrir described as well.

Needless to say, as soon as I saw the announcement that the old site would stay up a little longer, I fled back to it like a starving man to a basket of Rubbery Lumps.
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I just had the constant reload issue hwoosh was describing. I was just trying to get into an opportunity card.

I’ve also started getting a bug where after a few seconds of a spinning hat after an action I get a blank tan strip instead of cards and storylets. Just started happening and doesn’t do it every time but has been occurring at least once every 10 or so actions it seems like.

My exact experience.

Unfortunately, the page sometimes refreshes on its own before Ive had a chance to read the text and decide if it is worth putting in my journal. Once the page is gone, I can’t get it back. Ive also noticed that one possible trigger for the page closure is when a new turn becomes available under the candle image, so sometimes I am conscious of trying to finish an action before it ticks over. I want to like the new site but Im finding it much more stressful than it should be.[li]