Uttershroom Rewards?

so i’ve apparently seeded 28 islands, which i’m going to assume is all of them since it rounds out nicely.

I’ve grabbed the uttershroom sporule for the fathomking, and i’ve grabbed a ray drenched cinder for the grand curator.

I have 14 blemmigan points left to turn in, what do i do with them? All i can do is claim another of each (or two of one). Is there anything i can do with these items aside from their apparent primary purpose?

The Uttershroom Sporule can only be given to the Fathomking but Ray Drenched Cinders can be sold to the Scholar or traded at the Wildweald Court.

[li]You can also give the extra Blemigans to a suspiciously dressed, squeaky-voiced character back in Fallen London. ;)

Get more cinders, trade for judgment’s eggs at the Isle of Hands, profit.