Uses for Hallowmas Connected: Society etc.

I’m sure I am not the only one finding myself suddenly swimming in Connected: Society/Bohemians/Revolutionaries from grinding for Whimsy confessions. What are helpful ways to use these qualities now that I have them? The most obvious solution is to simply cash them in for street signs, etc., but is there anything else they might be good for? High-level Connected checks in places one might not expect to find them, that sort of thing?

I know that one can turn high Connected: Revolutionaries into a Cinder, but I have completed the C— of the N---- story so it is not an option for me.[li]

Bohemians is handy for the Salon card. Society can be used for the Amanuensis (not a great investment true, but if you really don’t need it that connection to be high, it’s fine to use it there, because it leaves other options on that card open as well) as well as the Salon. Revolutionaries will give you 750 Proscribed Material if you choose them for the Calling In Favours in the Flit card (only available to be drawn in… you guessed it, the Flit).

It’s worth noting that BOTH Society and Bohemians are useful if you have a Salon. (Each of them can be used to fuel your Salon, and so both are worth having.)

With the Revolutionaries, their faction card can allow you to trade in some Connected for +Dangerous, if you still require more of that. Drawing cards in The Flit to get Calling in Favours in the Flit will take some time, but is a highly profitable way to spend actions - so long as you’re not worried about furthering the L_________ of N____.

(If you’re reading this and don’t know what the LoN is, don’t worry about it for now. You’ll get in-game snippets along the way that will give you a better understanding of what’s involved there, and I think that part of the game is best experienced naturally rather than seeking out spoilers.)
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It may be worth bearing in mind that at some point the connections will be switching over to the favours/reknown system, so if high reknown is something that interests you it may be worth hanging on to them. Otherwise I think calling in favours or using them for the salon is probably best.