[User Style] Survivor of the Affair of the Box

The below styles have been updated to work with the June 2018 update.

As requested I am creating this posts for these styles I’ve created to improve the user experience playing Fallen London. I’m not sure how much easier they will be to find with the limited search functionality on here.

Because I frequently clicked the wrong option on the grinds I was doing (you stop reading the text after the umpteenth time, sleep deprived, small screens, etc.) I decided to help myself a little.

I created a few user styles to give the correct button to click a gold color instead of the default white. This way there is no doubt as to what the ‘correct’ option is.

To use these styles you need the Stylish addon in your Firefox or Chrome browser. Click the link for more information.

The below two styles show the best options for the Survivor of the Affair of the Box Run; one for each side you might be on.

[ul][li]A Survivor of the Affair of the Box - The Conscience of Empire[/li][li]A Survivor of the Affair of the Box - A Guardian of the Realm[/li][/ul]These are really easy to create; all you need to use is the dev tools in your browser to look up the correct values. It’s either a beginEvent ID (a unique number) on a button when you are in the listing of storylets or a unique div branch id when inside a storylet.

The two styles were originally posted in the An in-depth look at money options thread.

Please note that that thread is quite out of date and much of the information in it is no longer accurate. For better information on grinds you might want to see the Money-Making page in the wiki.

Hunter’s Keep has been nerfed; it no longer is one of the best ways to make money so I won’t be creating a post for that one but should you want to use it, it’s in the link up above.

My idea for these kinds of styles got some following and there are now other styles based on the same idea:

[ul][li]Cave of the Nadir Protector[/li][li]Lily Protector[/li][li]Opportunity Protector[/li][/ul]Should there be more, please let me know and I will add them to the list.

I am unfortunately not that much on this forum anymore so any questions/comments might take a while to be answered.

Other User Styles I made
Remove Specific Go Buttons.
Conflict Card Echo values & Hidden Favours revealed.
No Ability Improvements on Faction Cards.
Hidden Top Bar.
Remove Specific Discard Buttons.
edited by Corran on 10/1/2018
edited by Corran on 10/1/2018