User Style: Lily Protector [Pending Approval]

A user style to protect against inadvertently getting rid of your Lily due to a misclick, inspired by user comments in response to Cave of the Nadir Protector. It hides the &quotGo&quot button from options which would get rid of your plant.

Thanks to community support, works for cards available with AttNoaSP 6 and up! I cannot yet protect a new house plant, see below.

You can install it from: Lily Protector |

Installation requires the Stylish browser extension, which is kind of like GreaseMonkey but for CSS. If you don’t already have it, a link will be provided on the style’s page.

With Stylish installed, just click the big green link with the + button to install Lily Protector. You can quickly disable it within Stylish if you want to sell your plant, or delete the style if you don’t like the changes it makes.

Stylish is a browser extension which allows you to add custom CSS to sites you visit. Lily Protector is not a script, but a small CSS patch which applies the display:none attribute to certain parts of Fallen London. It will not play the game on your behalf or send any sort of information to anybody, all it does is modify what you see in your browser.

Please do not report missing &quotGo&quot buttons as a bug to FBG if you use this. If you do see errors, particularly display errors, confirm they persist with the style disabled before reporting them to FBG. If the error is on my end, report it here or to me via private message. You use the extension at your own risk. The style may stop working or behave strangely in the event FBG makes a change to their code base.

This extension to Fallen London is not currently on the whitelist of approved extensions. According to the ToS, &quotFailbetter Games may suspend the accounts of any users it deems to be engaging in malicious or inappropriate conduct. Such conduct includes but is not limited to…unauthorised use of automation or scripting to interact with the site&quot
edited by marcmagus on 8/7/2015

I don’t particularly want to start an alt just to repeat the early stages of growing a plant (although I might, eventually), and I don’t think players who are interested in this want to wait until I get my plant up to level 16 (currently 12), so I’m going to crowd-source this. What I need are the branch ids for the &quotGet rid of it&quot branches on each of the cards. If you’re contributing one, please include the title of the card you’re providing as well as the branch id to help with book keeping. Please be sure, because I don’t have any way to check your work. First comment will have more details.

How you can help, a theoretical example, using Chrome:

[ul][li]First, draw the appropriate card and click on it.[/li][li]Right click anywhere in the description of the &quotGet rid of it&quot branch, and select &quotInspect element&quot in the menu.[/li][li]In the new window which appears find the open <div class=&quotstorylet&quot id=&quotbranch####&quot>, mouse over this line to confirm that the correct branch is highlighted in the main window. It should look something like this:

[Example based on a card I currently had in hand, although Soul Protector is a private style I didn’t think worth publishing][/li][li]Come here and post the results. In this example, I would post:
A serious offer - Risk letting her try to convince you - 7081[/li][/ul]

Level 1
Your green companion - [needed]
Your house-plant - [needed]
The Noted Orchid-Grower consults - [N/A]
Level 6
Your green lodger - Get rid of the plant - 7493 [Kaigen]
Your green project - Get rid of the plant - 7496 [Kaigen]
Your sprouting companion - Get rid of the plant - 7490 [Kaigen]
Level 12
Taking care of your green friend - done, marcmagus
A well-rooted plant - done, marcmagus
Is it fruiting? - done, marcmagus
Is your plant thirsty? - [N/A]
Level 16
As big as your head - Get rid of it - 7696 [Ysrthgrathe]
Sleep is becoming a problem - Get rid of it - 7699 [Ysrthgrathe]
Your plant is singing - Get rid of it - 7702 [Ysrthgrathe]
edited by marcmagus on 8/7/2015

Your sprouting companion - Get rid of the plant - 7490

You’ve made sure to ask this script be white-listed, yes?

This is not a script or extension, but I’ll pull it if it’s a problem.

ETA: It occurs to me I may have misinterpreted that, in which case: I’d just as soon wait until it’s complete so FBG only has to have someone look it over once, although I guess that risks more wasted work if they don’t notice the post and later decide not only to decline to add it to the white list but to request it be removed.
edited by marcmagus on 8/1/2015

Oh, I don’t think that’s necessary. Just submit it to Hannah and I’m sure it’ll get white listed lickity split.

Your plant is singing - Get rid of it - 7702

Your green lodger - Get rid of the plant - 7493

Thanks for the contributions so far! I’m editing the 2nd comment to keep track of progress. I will update the style when each level of cards is complete (so there are fewer updates and they’re in coherent chunks).

Sleep is becoming a problem - Get rid of it - 7699

As big as your head - Get rid of it - 7696

Looks like there may be use for displaying branch IDs in FL Secretary…

0.2 released, level 16!

Got the third level 6 one:

Your green project - Get rid of the plant - 7496

0.3 released, level 6 complete!

Whitelist request submitted per Mr. Overstreet’s recommendation.

Thank you all.

marcmagus, if you’re still in need of more protection levels, I can provide those.
Also, any update on this becoming whitelisted? Have you sent anyone a message?
edited by Cecil on 2/6/2016

i really would like to see a Fallen London Mods subforum