Use of Villains

Well, it turns out I know some people, useful people, very useful people if you know what I mean. I was wondering whether there any reason to keep many uses of these very useful people kicking about or whether I should sell their services to the bazaar for some cold hard cash. I already have a reading club (umm, a gang of sorts if you know what I mean, cough) so any reason to keep uses of these villains, umm friends on my books?

Useful people can be useful in the acquisition of a zee-going vessel. They can also help you get close (or distant) to (or from) a certain group of Londoners, such as those populating your reading club.[li]

Righto so I should keep a few uses of the lads n lasses up my sleeve in case. Gotcha. Thanks for the headsup. Good to know and all that. To return the favour I think you may be fighting the menace of Corsetry, not Corestry, but what do I know, maybe Corests are being held at bay in the shadows by brave people like you and I never 'eard of em. God bless ya eiver way.

You’re welcome. Also, I have no idea what you are talking about. >_>

Don’t sell any use of villains to the Bazaar! They are worth way more than 6 echos accounting for cost and/or action loss. In fact, selling anything that can be made in the Bazaar Sidestreets is a complete waste of time and echos. I would strongly recommend against doing so.

Thanks for the response guv but you see I tend to acrue these uses of useful gentlepersons due to my work, you know having a whisper in someone’s ear with a hammer if they don’t get the message or relieving someone of something they don’t want anymore like kneecaps. I’ve got loads of em knocking about I got no use for. I’ll hang on to them for now though as you never know they may come in handy one day.

Oh, yeah, if you get them from your profession might as well sell some. I think the only one that gives that is Enforcer.

Then save up enough to get the high-tier items you want with them. Eventually gang of hoodlums is going to cost eight use of villains (if you don’t have it already). Potentially two more as part of marrying the celebrated artists’ model if that’s a path you want to take. One more to become closest to the criminals or constables. Twelve more if you want a swift zee-clipper ship, but I don’t personally like that ship.

I’d also hang on to half a dozen or so because I’m a hoarder and want to be prepared in case they’re needed in new content. But at the end of a day once you’re PoSI they’re not hard to get.