Use of Villains

As a POSI, what’s the best way to gather Use of Villains? A War of Assassins or The Bazaar Side Streets? Or something else?[li]

If you aren’t committed to your Profession, becoming an Enforcer will get you 2x Use of Villains per week, as well as a bunch of other goodies.

I’ve done both and I think gathering the resources for the Bazaar Side Streets conversions is much easier on the stats. It might be more expensive but if your attributes aren’t up to the War of the Assassins’ challenges then the menaces you gain from grinding Dramatic Tension will cost you a lot as well.[li]
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I agree. It’s somewhat leisurely of an approach, but I use Wilmot’s End to get a Whirring Contraption and rely on a cycle giving 110 Journals of Infamy to cash in for just shy of 4 sets of villains inthe the sidestreets. I have a lot of Appalling Secrets thanks to exploring the Forgotten Quarter for Eyeless Skulls, though. If you don’t have a ready source it might not be as painless for you…

I just finished grinding 12 Use of Villians for the Zee-Clipper, and here’s how I did it (I don’t know if it would work for you, but it was the most efficient way I could think of): For the appalling secrets, I used Investigating a Murder in University to grind investigating as well as 50 cryptic clues p/action, then I traded the investigating in at the Flit for 270 CC per 5 investigating. Ovbviously just converted up from there. For the Journals of infamy, I just stole them in the Flit using Thefts of a Particular Character. Also, remember that Journals are a Tier 3 item, meaning you can convert across from your other item categories, which helped me a lot (I had a lot of silk).
Then I bought them from the bazaar side streets.
[li]Hope that helps. It still took me a long time.[/li][li]
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