Upon defeating a placeholder beastie

I laughed aloud. Well played, Faillbetter. Well played.
edited by StormKoala on 5/4/2014

Oh yes, I love the placeholder beastie. I almost think at least a hidden one somewhere should make it to the final game, as an easter egg.

I even took a screenshot to show my husband. Love it.

No spoilers please, I need to see it for myself

I agree. First it made me laugh. Then it made me feel really bad to butcher it =([li]
I’ve let most of the other placeholder beasties go.
edited by Vojtěch Kynčl on 5/5/2014

Is there any place we who are not graced with a copy of the beta might view this… Er, I suppose the technical term is “laff riot,” but that feels rather vulgar. Not certain what term to use in its place.

I put it on my Tumblr! Have a link, if you feel so inclined.

Oh, wow. You heartless fiends.

Speaking of placeholder monsters last night I got chased by two text strings near the Island of 2.

edited by Lashkar on 6/29/2014

Have you seen the behemoustaches off the Carnelian coast?