Upgrading Engines and Ships

I think I have a good idea when I should upgrade most things when I have the Echoes available, but I’m not sure about the Engines and the Ship itself. I’m still running the Ligeia Steamer with its original engine. Would a more powerful engine increase Fuel consumption more than speed? And what uses are there for the various next ships possible? Except the Stymphalos-class Steam Launch seems guaranteed to sink at the slightest mistake with 1 hull.

I would recommend upgrading to the cargo ship and either the admiralty special or the caminus yards. The argument for the caminus yards engine is that you save on supplies. Nothing above boudicea on the ligea class I say, unless you want to go for one of the mission engines.

Be warned that bigger ship is slower because the weight + the more items you have inside the ship the slower the ship goes. Many crews also means more supply consumption and with the slowness… it means you need a tons of supply and that gonna hurt income.

I would suggest that ideally you have at least the 4k engine or 2k engine + engineer that increase speed + claymen aux before upgrading. Then money to buy crews and more fuels + supply + cargo.

If I am not wrong, filling the cargo ship to 120 and goes to venderbright, depleting the cargo, then go back to london took around 2.5 fuel and 1.5 supply… while using the starter ship without upgrade took 1 fuel and 0.5 supply. Its worth it, but only if you have extra money to make use the 120 slots ;) .

Right. I’m not adding much here but essentially don’t upgrade engine until you upgrade ship (and vice versa) and make sure you have a buffer of about 2k echoes when you do so, because a new ship is an entirely different economical play.
If you want small boosts to your ship without a new engine, WE ARE CLAY and/or Maybe’s Daughter can help with that. Or the Avid Suppressor.

Actually I found upgrading engine first before ship is an ok, cause it reduce food consumption even though raising fuel usage… I think 1k engine + engineer and we are clay is ok… or 2k engine without those. 4k+ engine surely gonna burn a lot of fuels.

[li]Also remember that while you may end up using extra fuel to accommodate the added speed, you’ll be getting to your destination quicker – and out-running Zee Monsters more easily in the process.