Updating through GoG?

So I have SS through GoG and do not have Zubmariner but am planning to buy it.

I logged into Sunless Sea for the first time in a while, and when I connect to the server all it tells me is &quotLatest Game Version Needed&quot. I seem to remember that in the past I was able to update through the client, but maybe my memory is faulty. Do I need to redownload the entire updated game through GoG and replace it somehow? How do I keep my save if I do this?[li]

AFAIK you will have to redownload the updated program/installer as a whole when you get this (I’m not on GoG so can’t tell you specifics, but should not be difficult to find out I hope).

Assuming you’re on Windows, type %APPDATA% in explorer address bar - the path showing up then will contain a folder called ‘appdata’ (surprise!). In there is another called ‘LocalLow’. And in there you’ll find first Failbetter Games, then Sunless Sea, and then Saves.

Edit: I always seem to assume people want to do something with the saves automatically whenever I read something like this :) If you don’t, and just want to update the game/redownload and install a new version you don’t have to bother. That does not touch the savefiles.
edited by Reshemin on 12/23/2016

I’m on Mac, but I just want to update the game. Don’t really want to mess with the save at all; as long as it sticks around I’ll be happy. I seem to remember I didn’t have to redownload the entire 1GB game file every time there was an update in the past…

1GB?!? Just checking with Humble, the Mac version has like 280 MB… kay, without Zubmariner I think, but still… o_O Anyway, there’s no reason it should change anything with your saves.