Upcoming shop updates?

I know every year or so we get new Mr. Chimes shop updated; usually for new stories. I was wondering if anyone knows WHEN that generally happens.

I’ve finished my railway storyline so getting July seems less exciting than it would have a few months ago and I kinda want to wait to see if there’s going to be another 12 Tale cost item that might have relevance to roof content, since it takes about 6 months to get. 12 Tale one, or if I should just go for stats for now.

Pretty sure they’ve updated the Mr Chimes shop exactly once since it came out. So there’s no guarantee when or if it happens. They most likely will, but it’s on nothing like a set schedule.


It’s been updated twice, actually. Once last year, and once the year before. Which I was surprised by, I thought it was longer.

Despite that, I still agree that it isn’t a regular thing. There’s no promised cadence, and unofficially one update was in April and the other July.


I would say an update will come close to Firmament’s end or after the story’s over. This way, players won’t buy items only for the bonus just to be rendered useless soon afterwards.