Upcoming Q&A: Art Team, 3rd Jan!

[color=#0066ff]For those of you who can stomach using Discord, our next Q&A will be with Paul and Toby![/color]
[color=#0066ff]Paul has been with Failbetter since the very beginning, and was the sole artist on Fallen London for many years. He also art directed Sunless Sea, and was creative director on Sunless Skies. Toby joined us for Sunless Skies, elevating our art team to the dizzy heights of two! And is responsible for swathes of Sunless Skies’ environment and its reading interface, as well as many of the Exceptional Story portraits which delight you all monthly.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]The Q&As are live, but with pre-submitted questions, and we’ll be taking questions from around the 30th of December. (So, if you like, you can pop in, leave a question, and then pop back after the 3rd to see if it’s been answered.)[/color]
[color=#0066ff]Here’s the Discord: https://discord.gg/59aNpKf[/color]
[color=#0066ff]PS And don’t be too disheartened that we’re focusing on growing Discord right now. There’s plenty more fun coming for all of our different community spaces for Fallen London’s 10th birthday on the 11th of January![/color]