Upcoming Hotfix: Stuck in Storylets

[color=#6666ff]Hey Sky-Captains

We’re aware that there’s a couple of ways to get stuck inside a storylet under very particular circumstances. There’s one at the Clockwork Sun and also Perdurance.

Please accept our apologies if you encounter this. We are going to do a hotfix early next week to resolve these issues.

If you are unfortunate enough to get stuck in a loop, please send an email to skies@failbettergames.com and include your 3 .json save files from your lineage folder so we can sort out your account. Details of where to find these can be found here[/color]
edited by FailbetterFuzz on 4/10/2018

[color=#6666ff]Just popping in to say thanks for your patience with regards to the hotfix. We’re delaying it for a while just to make sure we cover all instances of where this is happening. We’re probably looking at the end of this week/start of next. [/color]
[color=#6666ff]If you are affected by this bug then remember to send an email to the address above along with your save files and we’ll get you sorted. [/color]

[color=#6666ff]Hotfix is live, details can be found here.[/color]
[color=#6666ff]Thanks for your patience everyone.[/color]