Unsupported Linux build


I’m looking to get the experimental unsupported Linux version. I emailed sunlesssea@failbettergames.com with the request some days ago, and recieved automated Zendesk reply, but nothing since. I purchased the game from GOG.

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They’re probably really swamped right now. One of the devs said as much a day or two ago. I’m not sure they’ll be checking this forum more than they’ll be checking their email, but in any case, expect delays.

But, waiting for this is like standing on hot coals! :) I want to play Sunless Sea!

Have you tried Wine in the mean time?

I haven’t tried, but on their website it reads that it should run well. Though this route would, for me personally, rob some of the enjoyment.

As a background, I bought the game right away after reading (in developer reddit AMA) that you can get unsupported experimental native Linux version by emailing them.

[color=#C2B280]I am at this very moment updating our known issues list based on the feedback we’ve received on the Linux launch build. Once I’ve done that, I’ll send it to everyone who’s currently waiting.

Sorry for the delay – we are indeed thoroughly swamped with emails at the moment.[/color]
[color=#C2B280]Edit: we’ve responded to almost all outstanding requests, now.[/color]
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