Unread Topics

Sorry to start a new topic just to ask a question, but I haven’t found this in the FAQ and in my noobish blundering I haven’t found a topic that seemed a home for it either.

The question: I currently have &quot18 unread topics&quot according to the top bar, but they won’t ever… become read. This is a steadily rising number and nothing I do seems to reduce it! I am running Ghostery but the only think it’s blocking on this page is the FB widget. Any ideas?

Restarting my browser clear my unread topics.

The numbers sometimes reset at odd times of the day for me, not in any relation to topics actually read. Posting to a topic takes it off the list, though,

Clicking on the unread topics link will clear it for me but otherwise I think it requires you going to that topic rather than just reading its updates in Recent Posts.

Clicking the unread topics link never clears it for me, neither does opening anything from the recent topics page. Refreshing my browser, nor restarting it appear to ever do anything. I think ctrl+f5 does it though. I’ll test once I’ve actually gone through the recent topics.