Unmasking the Governor of Wisdom

[Spoilers for Zubmariner]

After completing either side of the quest in Hideaway, the Sprightly Visionary (Arik) requests that you unmask the Governor of Wisdom (wiki link), and order him to report to Hideaway. However, I don’t see any associated storylet associated with this request at Wisdom (or the three Khanate ports, or even Visage).

My only idea is that there has always been a storylet at Widom to get an audience with the Governor in order to ransom a prisoner (wiki link). You need a Searing Enigma and Pages 175. Now before I undergo the extremely annoying task of raising Pages to 175, I’d like to know: is this actually the way to advance ‘The Sprightly Visionary’s Request’? Or have I completely missed some other obvious way to advance the quest?

The two options to meet the Governor and ransom a prisoner (for a Searing Enigma or echoes) are unrelated. There should be an option specifically to unmask the governor. There were some issues with that option during the beta, so if it isn’t visible you should contact support.

Done. Thanks for saving me the trouble of getting Pages up to 175, only to be met with disappointment!

Update: I received a reply from FBG that this bug will be fixed in a future update of Sunless Sea.

Since i encountered the same bug: Has it been fixed yet? At least for you, Mr. Sinclair? (dont want to bother them with a second bug report while its still being repaired).

Out of Curiousity: Have you started with a “unknown” Captain (i.e. with no past and ambition etc. ?)

[quote=Reon]Since i encountered the same bug: Has it been fixed yet? At least for you, Mr. Sinclair? (dont want to bother them with a second bug report while its still being repaired).

Out of Curiousity: Have you started with a &quotunknown&quot Captain (i.e. with no past and ambition etc. ?)[/quote]

As far as I know, the Steam version of Sunless Sea has not been updated since I sent in the bug report, so probably not.

As for starting with an unknown captain: yes. It’s the easiest way to get the Manual of Miracles. Also, if you want to get the ‘A Past Wreathed in Shadows’ achievement on Steam you need to stay unknown and not select an ambition for the entire game (which means you can only win by going East, or possibly founding a colony on Aestival).
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My guess is, that the bug appears when you choose a past mid-game. (have done the same to get the manual of miracles).
Well then, i will bring the game to another ending…Was cruising 70 hours after following the “ambition”-questline.

Well then, thanks for the answer. Maybe a new Captain has more luck.

Not having a past shouldn’t affect most stories, including this one. Choosing a past mid-game will of course not change anything dependent on pasts that you’ve already done, but should function identically to choosing at the start for future stories.

Ah, ok, thanks for the info. well, since the majority has not experienced that bug, i guess i somehow must’ve broke something.
Due to the fact that i spent 75 hrs exploring the unterzee with this captain, it would be a bummer having him ending like that.

maybe i can edit the savegame, who knows :/

We’re talking about the Governor of Wisdom issue, right? I suspect everyone’s experiencing that bug - I wasn’t able to see the option on my current save either. It only worked for me during the beta, but was bugged in the other direction: the option was permanently useable after finishing the Hideaway storyline.

Oh, thats good to know!
I tried to find some fixes, but apparently there are people who can finish this questline.

Well then, no need to make a bug report if its a known issue…maybe they’ve finished it until my christmas holiday starts.

Fortunately, this option isn’t really an end to the questline as much as a bonus option afterwards. During the beta, when the option was there and could be done infinitely, it gave no rewards and unlocked nothing in Hideaway.

Out of curiosity, did you side with Arik or the Investigator for the Hideaway storyline? I’m unable to see the option at Wisdom after helping Arik.

I helped the investigator and cannot see the option

I h’ve made a copy of my safegame; i couldnt see the option wether i helped arik or not.

I’ve done some poking around in the game files and found the issue. There should be two options at Wisdom - one to convey the message and one to reject it. Both options are unlocked with The Sprightly Visionary’s Request 1. The issue is that receiving the request sets that quality to 2 for Hideaway: Together and to 3 for Hideaway: Alone. (There’s an option to recieve the request in regular Hideaway which sets the quality to 1; this is only possible if you murder the Investigator.) As I sided with Arik, when I just checked my qualities it listed The Sprightly Visionary’s Request at 2, indicating I had rejected it.

In other words a patch will fix this issue for future captains but the only way to fix it for a captain who’s already completed the story is to edit your save. If you want to do so, search for quality 126177 in the save file and set it to 1. See the spoiler, where I’ve highlighted where the code shows the current value and the quality ID.


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it worked!
thank you :D

EDIT:Ah, bummer: I can deliver the message to wisdom, but the story doesnt continue after that. there no option to talk to arik in hideaway.
maybe i still need to bring the investigator abroad, but i doubt that.

EDIT: it seems i dont need to return to hideaway, despite the journaltext. ok, it is working, my bad (im continuing it at scrimshander)
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