University Impossible Theorem Grind Profitable

The profit value for the Impossible theorem seems to be around 2.4 Epa if you can maintain an research per action of at least 20 per action, which I think is very doable with highly trained students.

Has anyone examined any of the other researches as possible new profitable methods?
edited by Abyssiensis on 6/4/2020

There has been some discussion recently, although it’s buried in Page 16 of a different thread so it’s easy to miss.

Broadly speaking, the Theorem can hit over 2.6 EPA with top-tier students, and a little over 3 EPA with Fate-enhanced equipment, when accounting for student disgruntlement. The best grind for any particular player is going to depend on which assistants you have, with the Ambition-related ones providing better EPA for different projects.

Has anyone tracked if the rate of disgruntlement increase the same for all students, or does it rise faster with the visionary & gifted students since they also learn at a faster rate?

My gifted students seem to gain a level ~20% of the time.

I think disgruntlement rate is the same as advancement rate, so it’s faster for the faster-leveling students.

For the Visionary Student I’ve been treating it as a 50% shot for both advancement and disgruntlement (if the check is a success), but my N for testing was fairly low so I’m not completely sure.
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I guessed it would be like that. Certainly favour the profound student over the visionary student for normal research.

Especially if your Profound Student has reached Level 5. I didn’t make a specific count, but it seemed as though using him at that point is less likely to earn you Disgruntlement.