Unisged Message Update: 8 Notability For New Jobs

I do not know if the community is aware, but there has been a small change to the Unsigned Message Card. The next tier of professions is still locked and currently impossible. However, there is the now added notation that it will also require 8 Notability Points to pass.

So, that means we now know what we will need in order to ascend beyond our current role. I myself am eager to become a Laocoonian and hunt the great beasts of the Unterzee (if that is the case). What do you guys think?

edited by Owen Wulf on 1/28/2014

Hubris, being an ambitious fellow, is keen to elevate his rank still further - presumably as an Unbishop - furthering the schemes of Hell as a side-business to managing his own criminal empire behind a façade of respectability.

Sir Frederick was given pause by the Noman’s final warnings, and is considering going no deeper into the Bazaar’s schemes, but instead remaining a Correspondent.

Juniper has only just become a Person of Some Importance, and does not yet have any Notability, though she’s aiming to become a Stalker - she is accustomed to surviving in the Neath’s uncharted territories.

Esther might never advance beyond the role of Campaigner - and very likely not beyond Mystic. The Fallen Fabian Society is her driving passion, and she would not abandon it to go traipsing around behind mirrors.

Up until now, every step of the career path was very satisfactory - Agent granted a very cool weapon and Midnighter grants plenty of Favours in High Places (My Salon Scheme thanks profusely) and the best Home Comfort possible. I’m quite eager to keep going (probably to Echoist, if the speculations about next tier Professions is right), with a caveat: I hope next tier unique item will be a Home Comfort too, or I’ll lose one point of BDR - unless the alternative gives one more BDR than what I already have in that slot. But, it already happened that I was reluctant to give up the Memento of Passion, only to utterly fall in love with the Shrine, so it’s possible that in the end all will be well ^^

“His unGrace, unBishop Humblest” does have a certain ring to it. Of course, so does an Impossible Theorem, and I know of no way to efficiently grind for IT without leaving London for a time. Alas.

I got my Impossible Theorem by converting mystery items and then using shadowy dealings at the University. It definitely helped that I got a mood card in time for the final step.

Well, thanks for the heads up on the Theorem (was wondering about that) but what about needing 8 Notability for the next set of Professions?

The good thing about converting mysteries is that you also get Making Waves. I have Notability 10. You do need to have connected Summerset and Benthic but you can get both using a Colleague with a problem at the University which also gives cryptic clues to convert up.

I do hope these professions come soon; I have been anticipating them for quite some time. It will be quite the decision on what to do when they come out, however, as I am quite interested in the Correspondence, Hell, and Watchfulness - making it quite unclear whether to go with Unbishop or the next step past Correspondent.

You do raise an excellent point about the Making Waves due to conversions.
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