Unfullfillable Admirality Commission

I got a commission from the admirality to retrieve strategic information from the Mangroove College. However, in the journal the objective was listed as the Empire of Hands. I couldn’t find a way to complete the commission in either of these places. Does anybody know if this is a bug or if I’m just missing something?

This happened to me yesterday. I was supposed to get it from the Mangrove College but I ended up (accidentally) finding the commission at Frostfound. Might be a bug.

Thanks, I’m gonna try that.

There was a pretty strict Mirrors/Pages check at Frostfound though. To get the strategic information I mean. Good luck!

I’ve had this as well - The Empire of Hands Strategic Information/Admiralty Commission(not port report) comes from the Court not the Port so if you haven’t opened that area yet it might be a bit tricky to find.

Edited because I wrote Port report not Admiralty Commission … sorry.
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Of course the mixup between the Admiralty and the journal listing needs to be addressed, but once/if it is, it seems that it will be also a good idea to make it clear – in the Admiralty text, at the very least – that the requested information is regarding the Wildweald Court. Cue opportunity to say something amusing about its ever-changing name, as well.

Each port report after the Comprehensive first one is available from Port Stanton, though. (the text does mentions that it’s far less profitable)[li]
For the locational mismatches, the correct islands were noted in the journal, not the ones named while talking to the admiral.

Oh, I misread, I thought we were talking about Strategic Information and not port reports. I’m not aware that even the Comprehensive report required Court access.

No I think I misunderstood - I’ve never gotten a commission for strategic info from there yet. I like that the Mangrove college one gives mutersalt, that plaguey-est of condiments.
(You could simply plead with the admiral to not send you off to Frostfound, at the risk of losing some standing before him.)[li]

Sometimes it appears that this bug can cause requests for nonexistent port reports :( [e.g. Grand Geode for me right now.]

Just edited my earlier post as I didn’t say Admiralty Commission but port report. Sorry for any confusion. The port report is from the port at the Empire of Hands but Strategic Information comes from the Court.

As for the places that don’t have port reports or a contact for the Admiralty yet I haven’t been asked … so far.