Unfortunate Occurrences On Pigmote Isle

So, yet again I’ve gone through the little story chain on Pigmote Isle. And yet again I’m not able to attempt to steal the Star/Eye/what-have-you.

Every time I’ve gone through it, the option has been locked, despite me apparently having the right qualities whenever I attempt it on the Engineer’s side. I cannot recall if the circumstances were the same on the Seneschal’s side but I suspect they were.

Am I missing something big somehow, or have I encountered an odd bug of sorts? I’m rather miffed - it’s a rather easy way to get a page of the Curator’s book finished and I’m locked out of it for whatever reason.

A sudden thought: Are you able to see anything on Pigmote Isle after you finish the conflict?

Yes, I’m able to Refuel via the rats’ SAY option. And something about blemmigans. But that’s it.

Hrm, okay, a different problem then. Sorry for the mislead!

I’ve seen this too - the story value is set at 4-7 or something, but having 4 doesn’t give that option in–two games, now, for me. Maybe going through with the Principles? (though it’s not exactly easy)[li]

Yeah, I had to go the Principles route. Not that I would have avoided that storyline otherwise – on the contrary – but it’s a bit of a sigh when an apparently intended option is unavailable due to Shenanigans.

edit: Also, if you sold your chess piece banking on being able to go the Pigmote Isle way, then you are well and screwed over, I suppose!
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Hey folks! Don’t forget to report bugs to sunlesssea@failbettergames.com.
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Could it be that you guys didn’t learn of the “Rat Star”? I mean, I haven’t played through the story again since the lastest updates, but maybe you have to do a little bit more asking around before fighting the Cavies or Rats.

Nah, when I see those no-requirement options that bespeak pure story, I take them all one by one.

Never steal from Rats, for they are small and cunning…

Never tried to steal the scintillack to be honest, always figured it made the main quest a little pointless :(

I stopped by Pigmote to try to propagate a blemmigan there today and I actually don’t have any stories there. I chose the cavies over the rats because I wanted the +2 pages, but I should have at least had the blemmigan story and didn’t.

[quote=Rocket Heeled Jack]Never steal from Rats, for they are small and cunning…

Never tried to steal the scintillack to be honest, always figured it made the main quest a little pointless :([/quote]

Yea, there are also lots of other ways to get a lump of blue scintillack

Lots? I was under the impression there was only one other source.

I wouldn’t say lots, but a few other ways exist;

Devolving the Principles, the Wisp-Ways of the Mangrove College and a very special Port Report from the Iron Republic.

Pigmote’s probably the easiest of them, though.

It’s not a lump of blue scintillack that you get from the first thing you listed, though.

edit: As in the item literally called &quotA Lump of Blue Scintillack&quot, I mean.
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You get both Blue Scintillack and another apocyanic item. Not if you spare it, though!

Ooh, I see. Curse my soft heart! (But not really, considering I almost never fight anyway.)

The Iron Republic method can be done multiple times, if you’re willing to take the Iron hit.

Okay, now the Zong of the Zee requires a Pigmote Isle port report to complete… were you supposed to be able to get port reports from there after the initial story, then? (No idea about Irem and Kingeater’s Castle, either.)

I have Pigmote Isle now! Hail, hail Stone and Storm and Salt!