Unfinished Business...

[color=#C2B280]… now cycles the Airs of London. Never again need Persons of Some Importance be reduced to trawling the gutters of Spite for insensible drunks – drunks who, by the way, are no longer so abundantly supplied with Primordial Shrieks.

Our hope is that this will make cycling Airs reasonably convenient for those inclined to do so, while reducing the narratively jarring and click-intensive dependence on that single storylet.

The proximate cause of this change, by the way, was an email to feedback@failbettergames.com. We’ve already made a number of changes in response to emails we’ve received since creating that address, with more planned – please do keep the emails coming.[/color]

Very nice! I used Unfinished Business quite a lot - I haven’t the patience for more elaborate echo-making schemes, and visiting my agent or wrestling for rostygold is profitable more often than not - and I was chuffed to notice the Airs messages appearing.

Just tried the new rob a drunk - it’s now a variable bundle of oddities - I’ve got primordial shrieks, honey, warm ambers from it. Still not a bad pure farming option for low level characters I think.

i found the unfinished businesses was good for obtaining specific low-tier resources in the most straight-forward way. this is nice to know.

Aw… bye bye Mr. Drunk, he’s been quite a benefactor during my non-POSI days. I’m glad the Unfinished business storylets are suitably changing the Airs now.

Oh, oh, it did seem that time seemed to stand still when I was basking in the warm affections of my Veilgarden admirers. (Not to mention their crates of wine.) But, this change is a welcome one.[li]

And how nice to know that it was the result of a suggestion.
edited by mr_teem on 3/8/2014

This is very good news. Changing airs is somewhat of a specialty interest, but I am glad to see more freedom of choice in how one goes about it. Robbing a drunk was something of an oddity. The idea of all these player characters robbing the same drunk over and over again for ‘luck’ painted a rather bizarre mental image. (I am also very glad the solution to this issue was to expand airs cycling options instead of removing that ability altogether and forcing it into the opportunity deck.)
edited by NiteBrite on 3/9/2014