Unbanannanished From Court

It’s been, what, three years? Surely, Society has forgiven my transgression by now?!

But nooooo… I still cannot return to Court…

I cannot (easily) grind making waves, nor (easily) grind proscribed materials, nor (super-easily) grind Society connections, nor (easily) grind SoTC, nor benefit from any of the other things one can do in court!

… But. I understand… in a way. Failbetter is busy. They work hard, they craft a unique story every month, for god’s sake! They are one of my favorite companies!!

But please… PLEASE, even if it doesn’t make canonical sense, I would like to return to Court. I would like those storylets back!

Fret not - returning to the Empress’ Court is on the to-do list for Fallen London Reworks.

[quote=Tystefy]I still cannot return to Court…

I cannot (easily) grind making waves[/quote]
FYI, the court is not the easy way to grind MW. Side-converting items is significantly more efficient.

If you really want to send up a large bit of making waves, its time consuming but prepping a newspaper for printing and the orphange or alternative certainly give large amounts of making waves.

Publishing a newspaper edition only gives 5 CP of MW. This is not very efficient considering the actions needed (though it’s mildly profitable).

I want it mostly for fascinating. I’m fairly sure all the other options are closed to me. I’d also just like to write more books.
edited by Amsfield on 7/28/2017

As much as I would love a return to court to produce some more novels and plays, I’d REALLY like to have my Correspondence department back. I went through all that work of getting back into the university after that unfortunate business, but can’t actually DO anything there. I picked &quotprofessor&quot as my title, went on dozens of scientific expeditions, and reached Courier’s Footprint. Let me TEACH!

Eh, I basically told the Traitor Empress to go screw herself in the most public manner possible. I have accepted that it is a one way ticket out of her social circles.
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