Unapologetic Boasting [Spoilers?]

After 7 long months of acquiring the final materials, I am the proud owner of a Zubmarine &quotlike the cigar of a steel god.&quot :D

As someone who’s never ground for late-game items in MMOs and such, this may be one of the biggest undertakings I’ve completed in a game before. And this is basically the only place I can brag about it and have it mean anything to anyone, so thank you for bearing witness to this magnificent self-aggrandizement.

P.S. - a very, very big thank you to those who gave me advice in the &quotWeekly Questions&quot thread about where to find all the Magnificent Diamonds I was missing. Couldn’t have finished this without your help!
edited by Danopian on 6/6/2016
edited by Danopian on 6/6/2016

Congrats on your new Zubmarine!

Congratulations on your acquisition of a zubmarine. May I add, you have excellent taste in nautical transportation.

Congrats! What are you going to name it?

Thank you, everyone!!

Oh my. I hadn’t enough thought about it yet. Possibly something from &quotThe Liveship Traders&quot trilogy by Robin Hobb?

Congratulations! Welcome to the zub club!

That’s why I bought my Zee-Clipper with fate :P

Zub a dub dub!

Nicely done Danopian, I hate grinding. Grinding out a Zub is definitely an accomplisment.

Congratulations on your shiny new Zubmarine! :-D
(Also, as I’ve not heard that phrase before and I’m kinda fond of it: Welcome to the zub club! ^_^ )

Hehe, congratulations, mate, but also thank you for the screenshoot!
I know I have wiki, I can easy modify a page to look like it, but it’s the feeling of seeing it for “real”! And, I must confess, but the final part of the story is more interesting than the one I got when I managed to win my yacht.