Unaccountably peckish

Does the appearance of the Menace mean that a cerain storyline about seeking some Name is coming back? Especially counting the fact that I first got it from a black-lined 12 Days of Mr Sacks. Or is it just a leftover from the time the quest was available?

They just never got rid of it. It’s supposed to come back it’s just unclear when. The content went away but the lore never did, so that is why Mr. Eaten is Mr. Sacks on that day, and that is why you end up with the menace on that day.
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I began playing Fallen London after the SMEN content was closed off; or at least, I never saw the SMEN content when I started playing - I’m not sure exactly when it was retired.
But ‘Unaccountably Peckish’ is a trait that has been around for at least the past year, maybe year and a half, and I’ve encountered it a few times along the way through various sources. (I’ve spent large amounts of time in this game being a humanitarian, though never had it above 5-6. ^_^ )

Unaccountably Peckish has been around since 2010 at least so may even predate the introduction of SMEN as a storyline.

What uses? The wiki is mostly out of date it seems.

Also, FBG announced it to be a trait not always related to SMEN lore, though we pavlovianly think of SMEN when we encounter it.

Do you know of any other things it relates to? I would be super interested in following some sort of story related to the trait, but since SMEN was disabled I’ve heard that it’s pretty useless.

If you have it at 6 or above you can sabotage Peppercorn’s illusion in mahogany hall. But in fairness, this was a part of SMEN that doesn’t seem to have been removed.

If you need Nightmares & Scandal, and have Peckish between 2 & 6, you can do The Forbidden Palace / An evening at the Duchess’ salon / Attend and speak of…terrible things.

There’s also a thing with Unaccountably Peckish 1+ in Ladybones and Making your Name 3 I think. Locating a missing daughter. Nothing special unlocks at the UP cap, it’s 10 and I have it. Most options seem to go up to 10. There’s not even a QLD at level 10.