Unaccountably peckish?

So yes, I finally and against better judgement ate at the chapel and let them dangle me into their well to get the Gant page, which is great because I completed the Neathbow but horrible because I now have the hunger that leads down a dark and horrible path. Any way to remove the taint yet? I really don’t want to end up making candles out of myself.

I believe peckish unlocks a few storylets in the starting areas which remove it at the cost of a few rostygold or the like.

That’s in Fallen London and not Sunless Sea. I haven’t found any method of getting rid of in in SS yet though.

Ans what exactly unaccountable peckish is? It is a menace or something? I have suffered it in Fallen London too but do not understand it´s meaning.

@Censor, The unaccountably peckish trait is the cannibal taint. You have indulged in the buttery goodness of your fellow man’s flesh and you will never be the same again. (ᴼᶰᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵁˢ…ᴼᶰᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵁˢ… ᴼᶰᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵁˢ… ONE OF US!!)

It used to be the first step to Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name, in Fallen London.

Thank you for the answers, I guess this means that for now I’m stuck being a soulless, guinea pig slaughtering, island infesting and undead gods worshipping cannibal… I must say the Zee has some really bad influence on life choices.

Sir Matthew,

You will learn with glee that you still have a soul!
Just, instead of the tranquil emptiness deriving from the lack of a soul, those who are marked as we are have a yawning, hollowing, screaming nothing as their own core.

I hope this letter reassured you.

Yours in faith,

Rev. Clarence Mournbook, the harrowing evangelist.
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“Clarence! Get back in your cage!” Sorry ladies and gentlemen… nothing to see here… move along… >.>

Reverend Sir Clarence,

Thank you very much for those troubling yet strangely comforting words.

Where there was cold emptyness is now burning hunger, where there was just tranquility there are now whispers of treason, the warmth of candles and memories of cold waters. Where there was no longer a soul there is now a way; NORTH.

May we meet on the day of the reckoning.

Sincerely yours,

Matthew the Magnificent, veteran of '68 turned disgraced stage magician.

Blast it! Not another one… and so it begins…[li]
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I had the unaccountably peckish quality, and I ended up getting rid of it by Going back to the Chapel of Lights, and using the option &quotReject what you had learnt.&quot

However, It required for me to have 'Memoirs: The Lessons of the Chapel.&quot I think it was anywhere from 1-6, as well as a Searing Enigma.

I hope this helps anyone who ends up stricken by Unaccountably Peckish.

I’ve gotten it at Level 1 a couple of times by trading Starveling Cats. It goes away if you buy some chestnuts.

– Mal

[quote=malthaussen]I’ve gotten it at Level 1 a couple of times by trading Starveling Cats. It goes away if you buy some chestnuts.

– Mal[/quote]

They’re talking about Sunless Sea here. It seems a bit harder than that.

Ah, so. Failed to read the top. Although I keep wondering why we have Sunless Sea questions in the Fallen London forum.

– Mal

[quote=malthaussen]Ah, so. Failed to read the top. Although I keep wondering why we have Sunless Sea questions in the Fallen London forum.

– Mal[/quote]

Well, it’s not just a Fallen London forum, it’s the Failbetter Games forum. It’s just most commonly used for FL.

ALRIGHT EVERYONE HOLD UP A SECOND! I have the answer to your problem, and I seem to be the only one who knows this, since no-one else has answered correctly. Mr. Matthew Magnificent, what you must do is use that bottom option at the Chapel of Lights. My gaming computer is currently slightly dead, so I can’t remember the exact name of it. But if I remember correctly, it’s a really difficult hearts challenge that costs a searing enigma. What it does is remove your levels of unaccountably peckish. I hope - wait - I KNOW this helps more than anything else anyone has said on this particular thread. Dear God people, keep up on your Sunless Sea.

Xane, that was very rude, and your claim that you are the first to pop up with this information is particularly galling because you aren’t. Rae Ameras beat you to it by two days. Read the comments properly before you start yelling at people.

I noticed the thread because of how I search the forum. I use google instead of the default search function. Cause I find the default function useless.

Since I didn’t see an answer (I had Unaccountably Peckish and I wanted to get rid of it) I shrugged and went &quotEh… probably not in the game. I’ll have to deal.&quot

Then I found the option at the Chapel of Lights and went &quotOoh! People should know about this!&quot

I apologize for necroing a dead thread, but I thought people would like to know that you can get rid of the quality-- since as far as I know, there isn’t any other resources stating that you can get rid of it. (I checked the wiki. No help there, at least at the time.)

The wiki is a bit out of date on a lot of content; hopefully that will change when Zubmariner is released. In particular I recall a lack on information on the Memoirs of the Chapel storyline, progression on Pigmote, and some options at Kingeater’s Castle.