Unable to Work on Spec?

So I stepped away from the game a bit, but it would appear that short story writing and such is still included in the game. Being that I’m in a bit of an awkward place vis a vis levelling my Persuasive, I was hoping to write some stories just to collect some extra dosh in the process.

For whatever reason, though, I can’t get the Write on Spec storylet to appear anymore. It isn’t available under Literary Ambitions and near as I can tell it doesn’t have any &quotupper bound&quot of Persuasive at which point it deactivates - I also tried using my Talkative Rattus to lower Persuasive and still couldn’t get it to appear.

Is this a bug, or is there something I’m missing about writing on spec? I completed the Writing About Fungus story, did that close me out of being able to Write on Spec?

What’s your Name Signed with a Flourish quality? If it’s 3 or higher you should be able to start writing a Short Story through the Writer’s Desk storylet in Veilgarden.

Oh, I think that explains it. I remember I COULD work on short stories last time I played but things may have changed since. I’ll work on building up that quality (again?) then. Thanks!

Things have changed.

Also, it doesn’t show up under Literary Ambitions anymore; it’s just in Veilgarden on its own.

You may also find similar changes in structuring of the other three main stats, each with its own tracker. As most later areas are unlocked for free by progressing far enough through the relevant stat tracker, I’d recommend not buying access to them in your lodgings.