unable to update steel on mac

hey adam as requested, asking here about the mac version not updating stories, just sits there and does nothing[li]

[color=#C2B280]Hello, darknight! I meant for you to email us at sunlesssea@failbettergames.com, rather than drop by here – it’s much easier for us to figure out what’s wrong through email, because we may need to ask for your output log, more details about your system, etc. Sorry for the miscommunicaton![/color]

I’ve had the same issue, it has not been resolved as far as I know, although I’ve had a lengthy and unhelpful conversation. They’re clearly trying, though. Please fix!

well i sent my log so lets hope it helps, its fine on the original just not the beta

Hmm. I’m certainly having some issue - the opening screen says ‘need latest version’ but I have that. I’ll send an email.

I too just installed the latest version from the Humble Store and when I start the game up it tells me I need the latest version. I’ll submit a more detailed e-mail, but just wanted to chime in as having the same issue.[li]