Two weeks until Mask of the Rose releases!

Hello from team Mask of the Rose and from our friends, the crochet Masters:

(Did you miss the free crochet pattern we put out with The Pigeon’s Nest? You can download it to occupy your hands until we put Mask of the Rose in them!)

It’s really not long at all until Mask is released; 15 days at time of posting. Thank you to everyone who has wishlisted it so far, whether you’ve been along for the journey since before the Kickstarter or discovered us in the recent LudoNarraCon. You’re all very welcome in our parlour!

We’d like to ask you a favour that will really help boost our launch and make a big difference to the success of the game! If you know a streamer who should really have a look at Mask, we’d be delighted for you to point them at our creator list signup form so they can receive a key in advance:

Release will be on the 8th of June and, barring any shenanigans, the game will be available everywhere (Steam, GOG and Switch) by 1800 BST (that’s UTC +1).

You can join our Discord if you’d like to party with us on launch day!

See you on the 8th, delicious friend.


Oh my gosh, these are way too cute to be the Masters of Fallen London!

Well, as babies, maybe. Aeons ago, long before they hooked up with the Bazaar…


So tiny, know nothing except nap and covet <3


The Masters have never been more relatable.

This makes me want to learn to crotchet to make a spoopy Mr Candles


Is there such a thing as edible wool?

…What am I saying, of course wool is edible. Anything is, if you’re determined enough.