Twitter Shenanigans: add another login auth option!

Hello dear ones,

If your only login authentication method for Fallen London is via Twitter, we strongly recommend you add another one to safeguard against future Twitter decline/breaking/explosions.

Thank you!


Is there a way to link multiple accounts to the same email? If not, is there a possibility that it would be added, in the future?

If your email provider is one that ignores full stops - like Gmail, for instance - you can use the same email address with different punctuation to create different accounts. the.skymaw@ and thesky.maw@, for instance.


How do I do that? I would like to link my current account to the e-mail account I used for my alt, who has gone NORTH.

It depends on the provider. Mine allows the same basic account to have up to 50 aliases, and even the main account can be varied because the provider has about ten different suffixes you can choose from.

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I meant more on the Failbetter side. I can always create new email addresses on Gmail.

IIRC (and I just tested this) gmail also ignores anything after the first +
so you create accounts linked to theskymaw+name1@ for character named name1
and theskymaw+name2@ for character named name2
and they will both go to the same mailbox.
I don’t think it is possible to link two accounts to the exact same email, because the emil is how you identify which account you are logging into. FBG would have to either

  1. introduce a completely new account identifier with its own rules for valid and unique values, and then link those to accounts (as a new login method) and emails or
  2. same thing, but it is your display name - this is a bad idea, because it is possible to change your display name … and it is effectively equivalent to including +name in your “email” when logging in.

Thanks, but I don’t know how to create a new account other than by starting a new character and I don’t want an alt right now.

Aliases seem to work with other providers too and very few sites have an email validation that doesn’t accept the plus sign.

My advice is to use this method on every site/app you register. In case you end up with unwanted spam, you’ll be able to see to which alias was made. With this, you can update your details on the breached site with a new alias and/or password and add the old one to a filter that will automatically delete them.

I do see an option to update my email address on my Account page.

Thanks for responding. I will check, though the only e-mail I ever used in FL was for my alt who has gone NORTH.

Nov. 15, 2022: I succeeded in linking to one of my e-mail accounts. Thanks!

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