Twitter API shutdown

A quick but possibly important note for anyone here who uses twitter for anything Fallen London related (login, getting story updates, etc):

As part of twitter’s ongoing collapse into absolute unusability since it was bought out late last year, they announced a week or so ago that free access to the API will be ending on February 9th. As I understand it, no-one who’s asked has been able to find out how much the new paid version will cost, or even how access will work. (Which suggests to me that the only person there who’s allowed to make decisions hasn’t decided and doesn’t have a clue, respectively.)

Assuming the change isn’t cancelled at the last moment, this seems likely to result in Fallen London’s various twitter interactions stopping suddenly in a week’s time. There’s a non-zero chance that regaining access to those functions will be either simply impossible or more expensive than Failbetter can justify. So if you’re still using those for anything, you probably want to switch to an alternative ASAP. (Honestly, the same goes for twitter as a platform; I know changing social media setups is hard in a range of ways, but given the enthusiastic replatforming of self-confessed nazis you definitely need to ask yourself whether you can support them any longer.)