Turning with faster engines

After upgrading to a faster engine I am finding I have to relearn how to steer: my ship moves so much faster (while turning at the same rate) that it has thrown off my sense of where I need to begin and end my turns. I’ve crashed into shore more than once, which is, well. Didn’t inspire confidence in the crew. On the one hand, okay, that is the price of zooming across the ocean. On the other: it’s somewhat tricky, though doable, with an engine power of 1900. What is trying to steer a 3k or 4k engine going to be like? Can the game either tighten the turning radius in proportion to engine speed or include some upgrades that allow for greater maneuverability?

Personally, I just reduce engine speed while turning to get greater control.

  1. Yes, unless you are being harried by an enemy you’d rather not get caught by.
  2. Even slamming into -2 doesn’t necessarily slow you fast enough.

Actually, I’d purchase a turning speed upgrade even if only to avoid the “need to go around to the north side of the island but the port points me due south so I have to sit in place and spin” situation.

I would absolutely support movement upgrades. It’s particularly a pain in Whither, even with the default engine.

I feel like they should re-norm ship movement and “weight” so that some of the smaller “upgrade” ships like the corvette gain a maneuverability / turning angle bonus.

Turning could definitely use some tweaking, I agree. I mean, to some extent I like that it’s a little realistic, you ARE trying to turn a massive bathtub made of iron by pushing it from the back :p

But it’s super annoying when the pirate ships seem to be able to spin on a dime to chase me, and I have to pick between dashing off into the dark to avoid them or risking a slow, limping turn to stay near an island.

Would definitely buy a turning upgrade. Maybe some weird steampunk-y engine thing could be attached to the sides of the ship to help make turns sharper?

Edit (after a google) or you could, y’know, add something that already exists (albeit on modern ships), like bow thrusters facepalm My nautical knowledge is zero.
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It would be nice to be able to modify your turning speed as I normally just end up using the light buoys if I can. Syill I haven’t noticed the pirates being able to turn any better. I did however have a good time seeing one practically turning in circles while trying to chase after me.

Today’s confession: It took me waaaaaay too long to remember that I could do three-point turns in things that aren’t cars.

It’s incredible how much more fuel a more powerful engine consumes. I don’t dare buy anything more powerful than the first upgrade, for fear of making no profits.