Turning off Mouseover Unlock Text?

I realize that this is probably something everybody already knows, but I’ve scoured the manual and the search engine on the forums is turning up nothing for me!

Is there a way to turn off the “Unlocked when your ___ is:” messages on the mouseovers? 'Cos they’re seriously spoileriffic at the moment–if the beginning card of the chain shows up and the mouseover says

when stumbled into a robbery is:
when accomplice of the One-Eyed Chicken is:
when Killer of the One-Eyed chicken is:

then I’ve pretty much just handed them the plot of the storylet! I’d love to turn these off permanently, or failing to that, to be able to replace them with my own default text. Is there an option, or does anyone know if such an option is in the works?

Check into some of the other quality types. There may be some that just display the number. Perhaps make it a Thing. “A Potentially Opportune Clumsiness Regarding Robberies”. Alternately, come up with some creatively non-descriptive QLDs.

Sadly, the QLDs also all get displayed on some of them, like MinorLaterals, that I can’t change without losing the prominent sidebar display, which is an additional spoiler problem. (i.e. if the Minor Lateral is “You live at:” then the mouseover seems to turn up “Guest Yurt, Guest Yurt with Pool, Guest Yurt with Pool and Skylight, Chicken Farm, Mammoth Farm” etc etc, which gives the player a handy real-estate listing to the world as well!)

Plus it’s pretty inelegant for qualities that lack visible numbers, since it just goes “Is:” I can’t help but think that being able to turn them off would be a better solution than just finding coy wordings!