So I was paying little attention to what I was clicking and beat the hell out of a criminal kingpin with some furniture, earning me a point of turncoat. While I realize one point won’t affect much, it did say three would. Is there a way to lose points of turncoat?

Not until you reach A Turncoat 4. Then if you have Shadowy 120 and have A Survivor of the Affair of the Box 12+, there’s a storylet in Spite called &quotThe Traitor’s Feast.&quot You have to sacrifice either 20 levels of Connected: Revolutionaries or some Connected: Masters to lose all your points of A Turncoat.
If you have A Turncoat 4, by the way, you will not be able to get Boxfuls of Intrigue unless you get a rare success in some of the other options at the Traitor’s Feast.
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With at least Boxful of Intrigue 7 even the rare successes won’t give anything. I’m not sure whether the various conflict card choices can still be used.

I’m not certain what the Affair of the Box is, but I imagine I meet the prerequisites if necessary. Thank you for the information.

The Affair of the Box is a high-level Shadowy story which mostly consists of a repeatable carousel that advances the plot at the end of each cycle. Since the carousel is accessible even when the story is completed, the reward choices make it an excellent way of obtaining rare items and one of the most efficient ways to grind money.

Oh, and the Revolutionaries option for removing A Turncoat only requires 20 levels of connected; the actual amount consumed is around five level’s worth from level 20.
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