Turn of the Century?

I just noticed that the year in-game is 1899. I was just wondering if something is gonna happen a year later? Has there been any hints to it? Anyone have any theories?

London gets flattened by the Sixth City, and the Masters eat cake.


London gets flattened by the Sixth City, and the Masters eat cake.

As an ardent admirer of London, I find it marvelous that I don’t see this in the cards.


London gets flattened by the Sixth City, and the Masters eat cake.


Neither of my characters would mind this. At all. :hehe:

Edit: Actually, nevermind. The Masters win? No way.
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I would argue that the turn of the century is when 1900 rolls into 1901, but it seems I’m the only person who feels that way. Otherwise the First Century only had 99 years.

Technically, you’re right. But 1899 to 1900 just feels and looks a lot more like the beginning of something new, so people celebrate it that way. I remember that sort of discussion from 1999/2000/2001.

I don’t think the turn of the century has any particular meaning in FL lore, but I can imagine FB putting in a few references to people celebrating it (including a wise guy reminding everyone at the party that, technically, it’s not until 1901… ;))

I wonder if there will be a ‘century bug’ that stops all the Babbage difference engines from working, and the dirigibles start falling from the air? :)

I kinda wish that FBG would just retire the one-to-one equivalency of Neathy year and IRL year, and make it so that the game is permanently set “sometime in the 1890s” without the need for further specificity.

Thus if FBG do decide to make some ambitious, Neath-altering events or incorporate fin-de-siècle developments, they can do so at their own pace and without being canonically pinned down to the real-world year.

I, too, would be quite satisfied if the Fall was perpetually 30 years ago.

I really like that year-to-year equivalency.

I wouldn’t be shocked if one day in the not-so-distant future we see a scheme (by Mr. Fires?) that uses treachery of clocks to keep London in the Neath except not really.

Oh, you poor fools. You poor, unfortunate fools.

I just wanted to say that, personally I think the annoucement made by the Queen was a great joke on us, the players. Also, I have never seen the player base so quickly turning around and supporting the Revs. It was great for our recruitment. We might even make them support the Liberation…