Trying to become a journalist

Hello delicious friends. I am trying to become a journalist and unsure how to continue. I have no profession and my connected bohemian is 26. I’m told I need &quotracking the Much&quot or something like that from spite but I can’t find the card. My shadowy is about 100. Can I no longer become a journalist?

“Raking the Muck of the Neath” is a very early Shadowy story in Spite. Look for a gold-bordered storylet called “The Careworn Journalist”. If it’s not there, I guess it might be locked above a certain level of Shadowy…?

I can confirm the storylet is still there even when having a very high Shadowy.

Then maybe I already did it? I certainly can’t find it.

On the Myself tab it should feature under Stories. If it’s not there, and you can’t see it in Spite, it might be worth a bug report…

Okay, so I’ve done some checking and I have bohemian connected 26 and racking the muck of the neath 11. Can I still become a journalist?

Absolutely, the option on the Bohemian card should be unlocked for you if you do not currently have a profession. Anything else would really suggest something’s amiss!

im trying to become a journalist too, ive been waiting almost a week for the bohemian card to turn up ;-;

Welcome to the RNG.

It took my two weeks of waiting, then not only did I draw Journalist, but less than a week later I drew another, and became an Author before receiving my first Journalist payment. It’s a waiting game.

Also remember, if you intend to advance from Journalist to Author, do not resign from your Journalist position first. I may have made this error and had to draw the Demi-Monde an extra time…

I’ve been trying to get this demi-monde card for over a week now. Do I need to quit my current minor poet profession in order for this card to appear or do I have to wait for the card, quit profession nad then use the card?

The demi-monde card will show up no matter what your profession. The RNG is just messing with you.
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Just wanted to say that I got this card a few hours after I posted my question. The next day I got another card! So I kept it till I’ve completed an exceptional short story. Now I’m an author! Yay :)