Trying out high tier professions

I’ve been an Author for the longest time, initially to accumulate nights on the town (who knows what for!), and then simply out of sheer inertia. My true calling (for lack of a better term) is to be a Crooked Cross, but other high tier professions look interesting too, especially the Glassman.

How many of you veteran players have tried out all the high tier professions before settling on one? Is it worthwhile doing? Maybe I should ask a better question - do the different high tier professions unlock different options and storylets?

The main difference between the tier four professions is the rewards available (which for Doctors and Notaries is 10 echoes more). Most of the professions do have unique options but nothing too major. Glassmen have an Impossible! option to establish a Parabolan Base-Camp through Veilgarden honey-dens, but the text says it will not be available for a long time. Correspondents can be invited to entertain at an Orphanage and at Christmas can write a monograph in lacre for SotC gain on success. Monster-Hunters can capture Plated Seals without the dangerous challenge. Crooked-Crosses can be invited to entertain at a Salon. Midnighters can be invited to entertain at an Orphanage and being one eliminates the cost of one step of Ambition: Nemesis. Licentiates have no option listed on its wiki page.
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Thanks for that. From what I understand, it seems like I’ll need to resign, and then draw the corresponding faction card to start from the bottom. Does it cost notability to resign from a profession? I wonder because I lost notability when I closed my salon and later my orphanage.

There is no cost to resigning from your profession, and likewise no cost for advancing to the tier three and four professions other than a missed chance at a Surprise Package.

Oh, if you seek to reach Scholar of the Correspondence 21 you need a modified watchful of 300 for the last level. This is I believe impossible to reach without at least an Overgoat and significantly harder without being a Correspondent, Monster-Hunter, or Midnighter for the best watchful items in their category.

OK great to know, thank you!

Yeah, I’ve switched from Midnighter to Correspondent for a short while just to push Watchful high enough. Once I got SotC 21, I’ve switched back to Midnighter.

… But that +1 Dreaded is the only Home Comfort with a BDR point which is not Fate Locked. And honestly, short of increasing my SOTC or making an Impossible Theorem I’ve yet to see much use for a high Watchful (though I haven’t done the Foreign Office or Port C)
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Personally I took a look at each professions Earnest of Payments and went with what was giving rewards that helped with my current grind.

I found that, for now, Glassman was more beneficial than Correspondent.

That and I’m pretty interested in what will go on with the Parabola Base Camp ^^

Midnighters get two more points of watchful than regularly possible with home comforts and one more point than with fate. Correspondents and Monster-Hunters however get four points more than the best non-profession weapon. Either way though all are better choices than a non-watchful boosting profession.

The have you noticed the wiki’s been updated? It now classifies like so:
Training Professions - Tier 0
Journalist (etc) - Tier 1
Author (etc) - Tier 2
Correspondent (etc) - Tier 3
Undermanager/Tutor - Tier 2.5
Notary/Doctor - Tier 3.5

I like this new system better as it nicely includes the less entangled professions but still keeps them seperate without confusing things (and apt too! Undermanagers, for example, get 50E, the same as a T3 profession, but no corresponding item).

Why is the Notary/Doctor Tier 3.5?

I believe it is because those two professions make slightly more Echoes each week than the tier 3 professions.

So it’s more than the echo value of Tier 3 professions? Perhaps I should change my profession to that while I grind for my overgoat :)

[quote=navchaa]So it’s more than the echo value of Tier 3 professions? Perhaps I should change my profession to that while I grind for my overgoat :)[/quote]I switched to Notary during last year’s Sackmas and never looked back.

Unless you need the stat boosting item, or need specific items for a grind, it’s rarely worth it to leave 520 Echoes a year on the table like that.
I was a Correspondent for the year before and the only thing I ever did with my reward was sell it for Echoes. Not to mention that Notability 3 is a lot easier to get than Notability 5.

Now the final Tier professions may put Doctors & Notaries to shame, but frankly I think we’re a very long way away from that.

This is valuable advice, thank you! What a wasted opportunity, since I had the chance to change a couple of weeks ago for the extra TOL but didn’t, thinking that the Doctor/Notary isn’t a worthy profession. Turns out that it’s the worthwhile choice for truly endgame players!

Well, it depends. for instance, if i don’t want to be constantly taking a 99% risk on expeditions, or spending notability to keep my watchful above 7, then this is a competition between two careers. is the average of 0.01 actions on each espedition, and 0.03 supplies, as well as 1 BDR for me, enough to outwiegh the actual 10 extra echoes every single week?

hmm. if i do 33 expedition actions, then it’s 1 supply and 1/3rd of an action, on average, lost. if i spend 100 expedition actions on the 99% risk, it’s 3 supplies and 1 action. if i price supplies at 0.53 echoes and .88 actions, it’s probably not worth it. 3.64 actions (0.88*3+1) and 1.59 echoes. if you price actions at 1.5 echoes each, it’s only 5.46 echoes lost.

unless it’s over 200 actions, therefore, or you’re doing the &quotmoney isn’'t relevsnt, i already have the best fate unlocked gear out there.&quot, doing the notary is superior. I expect i will be, so it’s better for me to be midnighter.
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