...trufflehunter? Pardon?

So, an odd thing just happened.
I just checked my messages after receiving a calling card email, and in my &quotrecently&quot box there was a message that was simply a row of &quot ’ ‘’ s (I forget the number and arrangement) followed by the message (at least as far as I recall): &quot your Trufflehunter quality has increased to 16&quot

Trufflehunter quality? I left the page to check the &quotmyself&quot tab and find this mysterious quality (hoping for mouseover text and an explanation on what in the 'Neath it was) but it wasn’t there, and when I checked my messages again the message was gone too.

Consider me intrigued, puzzled, and unsure whether or not I should be slightly offended at being called a &quottrufflehunter&quot :p Has anyone else seen this thing? I wish I had taken a screenshot.

I figured it was a Black Crown thing. Sometimes I get messages from that.

Accepting an action in your FL messages tab causes your Storynexus inbox to spill into it. That sounds like a message from Black Crown announcing the final content push.

Oh ok. I played Black Crown very briefly, then decided it wasn’t for me and muted it (since there didn’t seem to be a way to leave entirely). I guess it still thinks I exist.
Well, that’s a mystery solved. Thank you for the info :) Sort of sad there isn’t some new fungi-related quality in the Neath though :p

Yeah that was a Black Crown message, not clear whether there’s anymore content as yet to be finished, as one of the options I chose killed my character and ended the world without any warning or clue, so…