Trouble with Rich Effect Qualities

I’m trying to change a quality as part of a branch effect, using another quality as the amount. I’ve tried the syntax below, but it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas why?[li]

[color=#339900]Force[/color][color=#990000]*[/color][color=#339900] (Change By) [q:Minions][/color][color=#990000]**[/color]

[color=#990000]Force is a Story quality[/color]
* Minions is a Goods quality, although I have tried it as a Story quality as well to no avail.[/color]

I am attempting to increase the Force quality by the current Minions quality amount, in case there was any doubt.

That looks like it should work fine to me. Maybe send a screen-grab of the interface where you’re putting it in?

If you’re increasing force by minions then I’d imagine you’d just put [q:Minions] into the change by box when you’re changing force in the storylet branch.

Yeah, I’m having the same problem. I can’t change qualities with other qualities. I thought all you had to do was type [q:quality] into the box and it would work, but not for me. I keep getting that irritating “Invalid change by expression, please try again.” message.

I think I’ve worked it out. It seems you may need to tell storynexus if you want to add or subtract the quality. Instead of simply writing [q:quality], you have to write +[q:quality] into the box.