Trouble starting ES

Since we’re getting new content for the roof, I decided to try some of the Exceptional Stories that have to do with it. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to figure out how to start Written in Glim. I have the quality at 5 after triggering it in my library and its description says “There is a commotion outside Mrs Plenty’s”, but I can’t find anything there. I’m probably just overlooking something, but does anyone know how to actually get this story going?

I checked my notes and I only recorded “An Altercation Outside Mrs Plenty’s”, but not the location. For me, it means that it’s self explanatory: Head to the Carnival and look for that story.

Enjoy this short, but nice story!

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Thanks, but I’ve tried that. I don’t see anything new there. Unless its trigger by an opportunity card, but I don’t see why they’d hide it behind that.

Exceptional Library at your lodgings in this case.

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Exceptional stories usually don’t require you to go outside the four starting areas without providing you with a way to get there if you haven’t unlocked anything. I’ve never played the story, but I would bet that if there’s a specific place you need to be, it’s either Spite, Watchmaker’s Hill, Veilgarden, or Ladybones Road. Or possibly your lodgings. There’s a lot of pinned storylets there; it’s easy to miss one if you’re expecting it to be at the top


Thanks, there it is. I initially triggered the story on one of the season storylets and then went to Miss Plenty’s not realizing that I had to find another storylet in the library. I really should go through my backlog, it made it hard to find.