Tree of Ages spawn rate

I think it’s high enough now.

You’ve got mine … I have never seen one in game :(

Thanks for posting, Garrison… now at least I know what it looks like. Just like Lady Ciel, I’ve never ever seen one in my game!

The latest patch changed the min/max spawn range on Gossamer from 0/1 (basically, never) to 0/2 (same as Salt Lions (I think)). So it should be spawning a lot more. I haven’t played since the last patch, though, but I’ll have a play and confirm.

Interesting to see that the everspawn bug hasn’t been fixed.

Never seen one. Craziest thing I had was 18 Rat Barges. I killed about a dozen, but even in a dreadnought, I eventually had to flee.

=== and thanks, I’ve never seen the tree of ages either.

What does it give you?
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&quotthe heart of the tree of ages&quot which looks like a spider. it can be used in the father’s bones quest.

Found it, defeated it and given the heart to the Fathomking. The strange catches will be useful as well :)

I wish I could show the heart to the spiders when they dismiss the Tree of Ages as just a myth.

Ahhh, they don’t really think it’s a myth. They’re just sneaky spiders.

I know, I know - they just dismiss it as such when asked. Which is why its heart would let you call them out on their crabshit.

Yeah… I guess. But I think the devs are trying to limit the number of insta-death choices the game offers.

Well, the picture in the first posts kinda suggests otherwise…

Me neither.
Instead I got 7 Rat Barges on my way back from Mark of the South.

Pretty sure that’s technically a bug. Well, several bugs, but you know what I mean.

Really more of a Copse of Ages.

The multiple spawning bug is definitely not fixed. Oh, look, I found the Tree of Ages! And the Tree of Ages. And the Tree of Ages, Tree of Ages, and Tree of Ages. Killed six of them before my battered hull and the diminishing sanity of my crew put an end to the Searing Enigma bonanza.