Treaty of No Considerable Importance

[li]What’s the lore for this exactly? It seems as if there are a lot of holes. In ‘Where you and I must go.’ we first learn about the treaty and some of it’s details and find out that Lt. Harris is going around and cracking heads to ensure the Treaty is being adhered too on London’s side.
But apparently the Treaty doesn’t apply to private citizens (If your FL character owns a Zubmarine they mention this apparently. This seems like a massive exception to a treaty afterall.) But we also have the presence of Aigul/Station VI and we have the Irrepressible that seemingly works for London and the Putterpony seems to be a Khanate Zubmarine. I can understand how a both sides might be cheating to gain an advantage over the other. But if that’s the case then why have Lt. Harris take his job so damn seriously? You’d think if both sides are trying to simply play lipservice to the Treaty then they’d have Harris merely ‘vanishing’ Treaty breakers to some Lab somewhere instead of killing them.
Just seems a bit odd to me.

Ah, but it is your own character talking about the private citizens thing, and even then they’re only suspecting/hoping in fear iirc. Plus that option gains you Suspicion, further leaning towards the idea that private citizens very much can’t do that. On top of the severe secrecy mentioned when you make your own zub

I didn’t have a Zub. I was going off what a friend had relayed to me. :p
Still. It doesn’t excuse the discrepancy between having Lt. Harris go around bashing peoples skulls in. But operating Station VI and the Irrepressible.

Lt Harris works for the Admiralty, which is no longer as closely attached to London as it once was. We don’t know who the Irrepressible Engineer works for–if she works for anyone at all. The only (or person, rather) we’ve seen Harris go after are people living in London.

Considering that he tries to blow your SS Captain up in Sunless Sea he probably will go after any living being that has a zubmarine. Then again, everyone is nicer towards the FL Player compared to the SS Captain, so maybe it is just the innate repulsiveness of the Captain at work again :P

Wait…He shows up in SS? O.o

Maybe I should have killed him off then. Does he have any idea how much it cost me to get that Sub?

The thought of it exploding is very uncomfortable.

[quote=Blaine Davidson]Maybe I should have killed him off then. Does he have any idea how much it cost me to get that Sub?

The thought of it exploding is very uncomfortable.[/quote]

On the other hand, the sub is a meta unlock so even if he blew up that one Captain, the rest of the world will be in their free zubmarine transformers regardless. :)

Be more uncomfortable about your Captain’s immolation, I guess?