Here is the question: does this game contain anything like travelling east from Sunless Sea or travelling NORTH in fallen london?

Those two quest lines are the best ones I’ve ever seen in any games.
I’ve found some references to the SMEN quest line (the grevers in Eleutheria), but not even a hint on an actual quest line in sunless skies.

Do we get any new info about Salt?
Or about mr Eaten and what happened to his followers who went through the Avid horizon?

I haven’t played the game yet, but the Ambition “The Martyr-King’s Cup” was heavily hinted to be something like what you’re looking for.

Being that a Martyr is the title of a religious figure who is remembered for dying for a holy cause, I think the implications point to that.

I can’t wait until I unlock Martyr King’s Cup. I still haven’t been to the Blue Kingdom, so I don’t even know how to unlock it.

I haven’t been to the Blue Kingdom yet either, but so far I’m really enjoying Martyr-King’s Cup.

It’s basically accurate to say that Martyr-King’s Cup is to Skies as SMEN is to FL and Exaltation is to Sea, but it’s also kind of an apples to oranges comparison. If you go into it with those expectations in mind, that’ll probably get in the way of enjoying it on its own terms.

So how do you unlock it? :) I don´t mind spoilers.

Pretty simple:

[spoiler]At the Most Serene Mausoleum, after earning a little Favour with the Deathless, there’s an option involving the Dismal Chamberlain. It may tell you to come back with &quotbright eyes and a cold hand around your heart&quot, which means you need to select it with 50 terror (and some amount of visions of the heaven, but you’ll probably already have that). After that, there’s a short quest to unlock it.

Importantly, you can’t start the Martyr-King’s Cup with the same captain you unlock it with; rather, your future captains in that lineage will be able to select the Martyr-King’s Cup as an ambition when they’re created.[/spoiler]

Aaahh I figured you need high terror for this, but those bright eyes mention, somehow I thought it is refering to the Clockwork Sun(remebering from Sunless Sea, bright eyes had followers of Dawn Machine) Thank you for the reply.
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Gee, comparing this ambition to Seeking sure makes sense. It is full of mean surprises, the likes you’d prefer to read up on the wiki (if there already were one) beforehand, because permanent failure seems to be a common consequence for failed skill tests (which actually makes it meaner than Seeking), and it might have multiple endings on top of that.