Travel Button vanished!

Complete newbie here (played a couple of days). I was at the Carnival and took a ride below London, snathcing some amber. Now suddenly I am stuck with just two Boatman storylets and my Travel Button has vanished! What is going on?

Sounds like you are dead. But don’t worry, in London, that’s hardly permanent. Placate the Boatman to return to the city proper, and next time try to keep your Wounds well clear of 8. (Unless you enjoy dying. Some people do. I don’t judge.)

Thanks for the advice. But I only have two options: offer the Boatman a sacrifice (which is locked) or beat him at chess, which doesn’t appear to placate him. Any suggestions?

You need to keep playing until your Wounds have been reduced to 0. (This is the case with all the Menace areas. You need to get back to ‘normal’ before you can go back to London.)

Got it, thanks!

Sounds like you might have looked into the mirrors at the carnival - unfortunately a couple of them are short cuts to menace areas. That was my first Fallen London death as well.

You can play chess with the Boatman or play the opportunity cards until you wake up in your lodgings.

I did that as well when I was just starting out. It scared me at the time, but I learned two very important lessons about life in the 'Neath:

  1. Your actions can sometimes have unintended consequences; tread carefully
  2. Death really isn’t so bad. You play a little chess, you meet some friendly ghosts, and then you get to go home good as new.