Transporting Settlers?

How does one complete transporting a settler? I, supposedly, have a settler on my locomotive that needs to get to Leadbeater & Stainrod’s Nature Reserve, which I am at. But I’m not seeing anyway to deliver him. No indication anything has occurred. What should I be doing?

Did you previously deliver a Settler there? It seems that the quality doesn’t reset when you deliver one. Eventually you should be able to pick up another one, at the price of 3 Sky-Stories.

And you can always turn them in for 100g in New Winchester after a while: the Ministry of Public Decency sees to it that your settlers settle in a cozy cell if they can’t find a new home quick.

The exact same is happening to me too.

What confused me is, I had a settler that wanted to go to Titania, but they died en route. That’s fine. But at some point, when checking my journal, I found I had a mission to deliver a settler to the Nature Reserve. Don’t remember picking up a new settler, but who knows. I’ll just wait until I get another Sky Story and try again.

I had a settler for the Nature Reserve, but was running out of everything before finding the reserve. The settler eventually offered instead to join my crew, so I got an eleventh crew for free.

I had one who died during the journey. I was trying to get into the port at the time!

Returning his body to New Winchester gave some sovereigns.

i had one who, just out of port, turned out to be a criminal on the lam. I promptly took him back and handed him over to the authorities.
Since then i’ve had the same bug mentioned here - journal says another settler for the reserve, but i have no other, and infact there’s no option to drop anyone off at said reserve

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[color=#6666ff]This was a bug where the quality defaulted to the L&S Nature Reserve value when delivering the settler (or indeed if he snuffed it on route). I was fixed in Wednesday’s patch. ;)[/color]