Transportation Dilemma

Hello friends, I am in a bit of a situation. At the moment I am &quotHaving Transportation Difficulties&quot and have been presented with two options; the Clay Sedan Chair and the Respectable Landau. My question is, am I limited to one or the other or can I acquire each one at different points in time? Thank you in advance and have a delicious evening!

No worries - you can get both.

@Sara Hysaro
Ah, splendid! Do they happen one after another or after some time has passed?

They’re independent of one another, so you are only limited by how quickly you can get what you need for them.

In my experience the Clay Sedan Chair is cheaper and much easier to obtain, but as both have the same stats it may be worth it to just go for the Landeau: its associated card is much more profitable and neither transportation can be removed once obtained.

Very good, I may just attempt to get both of them. If it looks like too much trouble I may just settle on the Landau. Thank you all for the advice.

To clarify on the cards, the Landau’s card has an option for 150 Whispered Hints and an Appalling Secret plus 20 CP of C: Society. The Sedan Chair has options for 180 Foxfire Candle Stubs or 50 CP of C: Society, but both have a fair amount of quirk impact so may be things you’d wish to avoid.

Also, to clarify a bit on the mechanics:

Only the Respectable Landau is related to the quality “Having Transportation Difficulties”. The Clay Sedan Chair comes from pursuing “Shaping Clay” (a different mini-quest which unlocks when becoming POSI).

So, both are completely independent from each other, and each provides its own Transport item.

It may be worth pointing out, once you acquire these items, you can not sell them (this is notable as both items add cards to your opportunity deck, which can be an unpleasant thing).