Hello everyone!

Discovered &quotFallen London&quot a few days ago, but has already become a big fan. It’s a game, a setting, a narrative the kind I would create for myself. I’m from Russia, and my English allows me to play almost without problem, but I’m sure many russian steampunk lovers just can’t play because of insufficient level of their English.
Are there plans to translate &quotFallen London&quot on Russian?

I haven’t heard of any plans to translate Fallen London into another language.

If you check the sub-forum for Sunless Sea, there’s something about a Russian translation for that in there. Not the same as FL itself, obviously, but it may still be of interest.

The general issue with translations is that Fallen London isn’t a complete and static game. There’s continually more content being added, including the monthly story for subscribers. Having to translate every bit of new content into other languages would put quite a burden on Failbetter’s small number of employees, and they can’t use fan translations for a variety of reasons.

Adding to everything already said - this translation project has to be enormous. Being a translator myself I gave it a bit of thought, and… It takes about a month to translate and proofread 100k words, and it would most certainly require assistance from someone in FB team to clarify some difficult and ambiguous phrases. And I’m talking full-time work here, not a bit of fun in free time!
IIRC Fallen London is about 1 million word and expanding quickly. So I think you can see the problem: it’s too vast for a fan-made translation. And to make official translation would be extremely expensive and time-consuming, because someone from FB will have to spend their time helping translators and coordinating their efforts + later they’ll have to offer Russian-speaking support and make some appropriate advertising… It’s really almost impossible for a small company.
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Thanks for all the replies! In fact, I thought about offering my help with translation, but of course I couldn’t dedicate all my time to this project anyway. Also I didn’t know game isn’t finished.

It’s not so much not finished as being constantly expanded…